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  1. FEEDBACK SENT TO: http://www.aynrand.org/medialink/

    Hi — as I was discussing Objectivism with some friends, one of them showed me your political take on the israelo-palestinian conflict, which is definitely pro-israel… I hadn’t dropped by your website in years and got shocked!

    I can’t not believe this from people supporting the A. Rand legacy… first because Israel was ressucitated on the basis of altruisitic purposes following the horror of the Holocaust (apologism)…. and 2nd, simply because the country had been erased from the map many centuries ago! (utopia in Lalaland) where is ‘Reason’ in all this?

    Your institute is everything but objectivist oriented to say the least because if you fail to see altruistic aspect in the reconstruction of Isreal, you must apply this bias to many other of your views… and more over: if you support Israel, you must go along with the CIA which has helped Bin Laden who later became the mastermind behind the 9-11 attacks. Obviously chickens came back home to roost.

    How can ARI be in favor of foreign interventionism, a policy endorsed by the US GOVT, and too a collectivist endeavor. Should I remind you that Israel has costed nearly 3TN of dollars to the US taxpayers to feed a ponzi scheme called central banking and which is the 5th plank of the Communist Manifesto and is about to bring america to its knees, along with the rest of the world (see my website http://www.moneyfiles.org tracking the crash of the millenium). Wasn’t A. Rand a sound currencies (with an intrisic value) advocate? (ie: Capitalism the Unknown Ideal)

    The only way to solve the israeli-palestinian conflict is either the creation of Israletine (a complete utiopa at this pace) or the dismantelment of Israel since it cannot refrain itself from consficating the Land of the palestinians.

    I am sure A. Rand would not tolerate this in any way, this is simply a scandal to corrupt her thinking the way you do! The Ayn Rand Institute has obviously gone mad.


  2. Well, Sharon, as Bart Simpson said when Homer announced he was going to clown college, I don’t think any of us expected that…

    To be a little more on topic, I just wanted to mention that your NU Homepage link is busted, Lynne. But otherwise, the new site looks great.

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