Mi-5 Season Finale

So it’s been a long time since I’ve gone out of my way to watch a television show (I think the last one was “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me”), but I’ve been doing so with MI-5. I like the suspense, I like that it’s British, and I really like Matthew McFayden.

As with most things in this world, there are online fan resources such as the grid (complete with fanfic) and this Television Without Pity forum. One of the cool things about the grid is that it shows scenes that have been removed to enable the show to fit in the time slot.

MI-5’s season finale is Tuesday night, 9 PM CST, on A&E.

OK, now I have to get to work — got lots of writing to do today!

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  1. Lynne,

    Glad to see you are finally off blogspot and blogger. You do have a small problem though. Your entries are going off the side of the page. Also, beware that w/ some version of Moveable Type there is a problem with posts terminating at the end of the sidebar (that part of the page that has links, search engine, etc.). I don’t remember the fixes, but you can get them at the moveable type website discussion board.

    Also you can get ready to go style sheets if you want to change this one a bit without doing all that nasty coding.

    And I’m glad you have comments enabled. I’ve often wanted to comment, but was too lazy to write an e-mail.

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