Huzzah!!! Ie Format Solved

Many, many thanks to those of you who have offered your very generous assistance in helping me figure out why the right margin was not wrapping in Internet Explorer. Particular thanks go to Robert Prather and Steve Verdon, for efforts and suggestions above and beyond the call of civility and gentlemanly behavior to try to diagnose the problem [ed. note: my husband says he is embarrassed by my excessive Jane Austen reference in that sentence]. I also had a couple of very good suggestions from the support forum folks at Movable Type, but to no avail.

The suggestion that finally worked came from Mr./Ms Back40 at Crumb Trail, to whom I am deeply indebted and suffused with gratitude.

[In case you care, it was adding a line to my # content code in the stylesheet to specify the % of the window for content — Mr./Ms. Back40 recommended 70%, I set it to 75%, but that was the fix!]

I am also grateful to Crumb Trail for the link to this pointer to Carl Zimmer’s website. While my research does not focus on neurology or neuroeconomics, I am deeply interested in cognition, in Steven Pinker’s work, and the the neuroeconomics work of my colleagues, so the Zimmer tip is very, very welcome.

Thank you thank you thank you!

3 thoughts on “Huzzah!!! Ie Format Solved

  1. You’re welcome.

    There are 3 or 4 blogs on my roll that need this hack. Perhaps they will notice as I’m sure they all read K.P.

  2. Sadly, your margin still doesn’t wrap properly in any browser for the Mac – a small portion, a word or two, is cut off unless one increases the size of the window; making the column width a bit uncomfortable to read (eyes having to travel too far back and forth).

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