Funny Wonkette

OK, I was tickled by this because sometimes my husband calls me this, although I claim that I dislike politics sufficiently to disqualify me from being a wonkette. I also like the logo, perhaps because I have chin-length hair, wear funky lunettes when possible, and live in knee-length black boots, and have a cat who supervises my work. Anyway, got the link to it from Glenn, but what really tickled me was this post on “Moby vs. Drudge”. The gem of it, especially for you Brit lit and history fans such as myself:

But, really, who would win a Moby vs. Drudge smackdown? Not since Oscar Wilde and Lytton Strachey pelted each other with buttered scones over who would get to dress up as Salome has the world seen such a testosterone-free feud.

Even now I can’t type for laughing. Boy, do I wish I wrote more like that. Absolutely priceless.

One thought on “Funny Wonkette

  1. While you may dislike politics (What’s not to dislike about today’s mean spirited politics of personal destruction?), you are certainly an economic policy “wonkette” and you can definitely be funny.

    Regarding “Moby vs. Drudge”, it could hardly be funnier than the recently terminated “Face Off” segments run by the ABC radio network, in which Teddy (the poster boy for Irish male dissipation)Kennedy and John (backdoor Kyoto) McCain re-enacted the old “Point / Counterpoint” (Pointless / Counterpointless?) segment from the early “60 Minutes” which featured James J. Kilpatrick and Shana Alexander.

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