Oh, and also to Stephen, I do remember Kennywood, fondly and vividly. My first roller coaster, my first log ride … although I don’t think that was my first post-ride motion sickness. My father will have to confirm (and he should feel free to do so in the comment box if he does recall …).

Maybe it was, after all … I remember being really nauseated after the centripetal force thing where they spin you and the floor drops out, but I can’t recall if that was Kennywood, Hershey, or some other park.

Kennywood was awesome.

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  1. Kennywood also used to stand as a counter-argument to the Barro-Romer equivalence theorem for amusement park (and other sharable facility) pricing. People could either pay for as small a dose of motion sickness as they wished or purchase unlimited use, subject to capacity constraints. And there’s a roller coaster topologically equivalent to a Mobius strip there.

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