Navarro Pinot Noir 2001

Navarro is an Anderson Valley/Mendocino winemaker, lovely, carefully made wines. Their Gewurztraminer is to die for. This Pinot Noir has a sprightly little zip on the tongue and a smokiness that is reminiscent of a young Burgundy, perhaps a Morgon. Apples in the foretaste, toasty/dusty in the middle, berries and slight carbonation in the aftertaste, then a tannin aftertaste. Very smooth, and it went well with the dinner of salmon, spinach with roasted peppers, and … tater tots!

4 thoughts on “Navarro Pinot Noir 2001

  1. Lynne, Morgon is a Beaujolais AC. Did you mean a Denis Mortet (a producer in Gevrey-Chambertain)?

  2. No, I meant Morgon, especially with that zippy feel on the tongue. I always lump Beaujolais in with Burgundy, particularly as they use the same grape and are geographically adjacent.

  3. Dear Ms. Kiesling:

    Thanks for the wine tips–I’ll check them out. ‘Til then if you’re a Tater Tots fan have you been to Meyers Tavern on Lake in Glenview?

  4. Joerob: thanks for the illuminating Morgon comments. I am more of a Rhone gal myself, so the nuances and subtleties of the Burgudian appellations I leave to my husband!

    Dave: I haven’t been to Meyers since I was in grad school. Sounds like I have an excuse to go back …

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