A Word A Day

One of the little joys of life is Anu Garg’s A Word A Day. You can have a new vocabulary word, usually in a weekly theme, arrive in your inbox daily. What a treat. Today’s word is one of my favorites:

chuffed (chuft) adjective

Pleased; satisfied.

[From English dialect chuff (pleased, puffed, swollen with pride).]

Displeased; annoyed.

[From chuff (boor, churl), from Middle English chuffe.]

The theme this week is words that simultaneously have opposite meanings. I always use it in the first sense, as in “I am totally chuffed about this cool series of articles that Mike and I are writing!”

One thought on “A Word A Day

  1. I love words like this. I didn’t know about that first meaning of chuff.

    One of my faves is “cleave” which means both “To split with or as if with a sharp instrument” and “To adhere, cling, or stick fast.”

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