Joys Of Homeownership: Entrepreneurship

So the first thing I do on Wednesday morning when we start working on the house was to rake the forlorn front lawn to free it of cigarette butts, old toys, hunks of concrete, etc. My husband was taking a whack at the two-foot tall weeds in the backyard with a weed whacker, which I was going to do in the front after he finished.

The second was to pull up the old, brown and burnt orange, 1970s carpeting from the enclosed sunporch on the front of the house. Very satisfying.

I’m out there scrubbing down the interior in preparation for sanding and painting, and I see a lawn service pull up to mow the grass of the house next door. So I go out and offer them $20 to do our front lawn, knowing full well that the market rate for front and back is $20 (but hey, I was operating in the spot market, and I really really really wanted not to have to do it myself).

So he says OK, does the major passes with the mower, and then before getting out the edger/weed whacker gets on his cell phone. Then he proceeds to edge our forlorn little lawn that was probably last edged when the earth was cooling, and to use the leaf blower to clean up not just the mess he created, but the accumulated stuff in the corners of our front porch and steps!

A couple of minutes later this other guy drives up and comes up to my door. It’s the owner of the lawn company — the crew leader called him on his cell phone to come give me the marketing pitch, after the crew leader had done a really good job on my pitiful excuse for a lawn.

That’s how to get business.

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