Is The FCC Obsolete?

Declan McCullagh’s article advocating the abolition of the FCC is a must-read, even if you disagree with him (for the record, I don’t). In fact, he argues that the FCC may now be downright counterproductive: Consider some examples of bureaucratic malfeasance that the FCC, with the complicity of the U.S. Congress, has committed. The FCC … More Is The FCC Obsolete?More Is The FCC Obsolete?

Richard Cobden

Last week while I was in my work-and-house frenzy I missed an interesting anniversary: the bicentennial of the birth of Richard Cobden, one of my favorite people from British history. Cobden and his Quaker friend John Bright founded the Anti-Corn-Law League, which fought the protectionist legislation put into place to restrict wheat imports after Napoleon’s … More Richard CobdenMore Richard Cobden

Wireless Stereo Is In The House

Today Apple announced a new wireless mobile base station that also will stream music to your stereo. How awesome is this? We’ve been talking about whether to have the electrician string speaker wire and ethernet (he’ll probably do CAT-5 and some ethernet), but between the AirPort Express, Bluetooth-enabled speakers, and laptops, we won’t have to … More Wireless Stereo Is In The HouseMore Wireless Stereo Is In The House