Wireless Stereo Is In The House

Today Apple announced a new wireless mobile base station that also will stream music to your stereo. How awesome is this?

We’ve been talking about whether to have the electrician string speaker wire and ethernet (he’ll probably do CAT-5 and some ethernet), but between the AirPort Express, Bluetooth-enabled speakers, and laptops, we won’t have to disturb the plaster that much at all!

This totally rocks.

One thought on “Wireless Stereo Is In The House

  1. Lynne:

    You might be interested in this from D-Link.

    Product Description:Introducing D-Link’s audio streaming media family of products powered by Bluetooth technology. Access, play, and experience your digital music without the wires.
    Wirelessly stream audio content to your speakers with the DSM-910BT Bluetooth Stereo Adapter Kit. Everything needed to get you started is included in this kit. The DSM-910BT includes both the DSM-100BT Bluetooth Speaker Adapter and the DSM-110BT Bluetooth Stereo Adapter.

    It’s been shipping for some time now.

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