Prisoner Of Azkaban

Saw POA last night, loved it. The filter color change in the filming made the whole atmosphere appropriately more gothic. Gary Oldman lived up to my high expectations as Sirius; he managed to be an over-the-top madman at points and a compassionate and generous person at others, hard to carry off.

Loved the Dementors. Loved Hermione’s grrrrl power. Loved the use of big band music with Professor Lupin. For that matter, I thought the music in this one was significantly better than the first two, with the harpsichords and then the medieval hearkenings of some of it.

Didn’t like that they didn’t explain the names on the map, and that will give them some explaining to do in Goblet of Fire. Didn’t like the compression of Harry agonizing over Sirius, as Dave Kopel noted in his review.

But still, a fine movie.

One thought on “Prisoner Of Azkaban

  1. What did you think about the costuming? There were a few too many gap sweaters and a few too few Hogwarts robes. But, that’s nitpicking. It was by far the best of the movies.

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