A (Hopefully Temporary) Change In Comment Policy

For the moment I have closed comments as the default, although I will probably open the most recent ones manually. In the past 4 days I’ve been comment spammed to the tune of 16,000 comments. And that’s with half of the posts already being closed!

Once we get my computers up and running at home I’ll install the MT plug-in to deal with comment spamming. But for now, please be patient with the lack of public communication alternatives here.

One thought on “A (Hopefully Temporary) Change In Comment Policy

  1. If the comment above is typical of the 16,000 spam comments, it would lead one to question whether the “little gray cells” are inversely and adversely impacted by approaches intended to enlarge other cell groupings. I also seem to remember that certain approaches to “expanding one’s consciousness” adversely impacted the enlargement of the other cell grouping in question. Perhaps what we have here is an indication that neither affect is fully reversible and, that the irreversibility is cumulative.

    Good luck “canning the spam”, so we can get back to sharing comments about important things.

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