Now There’s A Good Lord Voldemort For You

Lynne Kiesling

Six degrees of Harry Potter … I think for British actors it should be changed to two degrees, which is apparently sufficient …

So last night the KP Spouse and I were trolling the tv after dinner/Cubs WIN in Montreal, and we caught the last hour and a half of The End of the Affair, one of Graham Greene’s more-tortured-than-usual novels turned into film. I love British period films, and if they have actors who are in my pantheon like Ralph Fiennes, so much the better, even if it’s not a great movie. That said, though, The End of the Affair ended up being a better movie than either of us expected.

I recognized the actor playing Father Smythe as Jason Isaacs, who does such a superb job playing Lucius Malfoy in the HP films. So this led me to do something I haven’t taken the time to do all summer — an IMDB check of the now-filming Goblet of Fire.

And who do I find will be playing Voldemort? Ralph Fiennes!

Brilliant casting, if only for the voice … mmmmmm.

Sorry, sorry. He also does icy cruelty well, which is a good match here. And, to add to my enthusiasm, Miranda Richardson as Rita Skeeter. Among her many roles is Queen Elizabeth I in Blackadder II, some of the best comedy ever. She can also do drama, as in The Hours. I think she’s fabulous.

This is going to be good.

2 thoughts on “Now There’s A Good Lord Voldemort For You

  1. Lynne, get with the times and start using IMDB as a verb like, you know, they do in the business. For example:

    Who does he think he is, standing me up like that? I IMDB’d the little bastard and he’s got two lousy production assistant credits. He’s nothing, a nobody….

    You could have written:

    So this led me to do something I haven’t taken the time to do all summer — I IMDB’d the now-filming Goblet of Fire.

  2. Sorry, I’m hopelessly pedantic and old-fashioned when it comes to language. But I’m also inconsistent: I’ll say “I Googled him the other day” without any qualms.

    Just call me a fuddy duddy.

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