Jeff Jarvis’ Issues 2004: Energy

Lynne Kiesling Jeff Jarvis is writing a series called Issues 2004, and his post on energy policy from Monday tackles a lot of important questions and offers some recommendations. In addition, the comments on his post include a lot of good insights and thoughts. Here are my thoughts. Jeff starts with his memories of the … More Jeff Jarvis’ Issues 2004: EnergyMore Jeff Jarvis’ Issues 2004: Energy

Jane Galt’s Good Post On Smart Growth

Lynne Kiesling Urban planning, sprawl, “smart growth”, and land use are issues that touch on the core issues that I find captivating. Thus I am always pleased to find thorough, logical discussions and analyses. Jane Galt’s post from Monday on smart growth is a good general discussion of the topic. I also found the comments … More Jane Galt’s Good Post On Smart GrowthMore Jane Galt’s Good Post On Smart Growth

Arizona Electric Ratepayers Take Notice:

Michael Giberson Platt’s POWER reports that Arizona Public Service Company (APS) has reached an agreement with “merchant generators and others” that would allow the company – the largest regulated public utility in Arizona – to purchase five power plants from an unregulated corporate affiliate, Pinnacle West Energy Corp. (PWEC). Both APS and PWEC are subsidiaries … More Arizona Electric Ratepayers Take Notice:More Arizona Electric Ratepayers Take Notice:

How Do I Love Jon Stewart, Let Me Count The Ways …

Lynne Kiesling This transcript at Wonkette of Stewart’s appearance on the O’Reilly Factor reveals a lot about both men. And it’s a very entertaining read … according to O’Reilly, I’m a stoned slacker who is intoxicated while watching the Daily Show (or at least the probability of this being so is approximately 0.87). Anyone who … More How Do I Love Jon Stewart, Let Me Count The Ways …More How Do I Love Jon Stewart, Let Me Count The Ways …

$50 Oil, Yikes!

Lynne Kiesling Oil futures passed $50/barrel overnight, largely based on low US inventories and the anticipation of unrest in Nigeria, which could disrupt supply. The Wall Street Journal has a slug of articles today about oil prices, fuel efficiency, how natural gas prices are increasing the costs of exploiting Canada’s oil sands, etc. The best … More $50 Oil, Yikes!More $50 Oil, Yikes!

Is The Governor Of California Doing Enough?

Michael Giberson In my rather simplified understanding of the world, the reason for regulation of electric utilities is to protect consumers from monopoly power. So how does this reason explode into such an intertwining of government and business, that the economic fate of over 35 million people depends upon the decisions of a single man? … More Is The Governor Of California Doing Enough?More Is The Governor Of California Doing Enough?

Bastiat’s Broken Window Fallacy

Lynne Kiesling Wow, I am really glad that Mike and Tyler both posted about that ridiculously stupid USA Today story! One doesn’t need to be an economist to recognize that the broken window fallacy is just that, fallacious. This type of argument is one of my biggest pet peeves, and I actually said to the … More Bastiat’s Broken Window FallacyMore Bastiat’s Broken Window Fallacy

The Hurricane Of Fortune

Michael Giberson In an article so absurd that you really ought to read it for yourself, see the story from USA Today: “Economic Growth from Hurricanes Could Outweigh Costs.” It is so incredible that I am almost left speechless. Of course, no one expects a USA Today reporter writing about the weather to have training … More The Hurricane Of FortuneMore The Hurricane Of Fortune