Nat Hentoff On Campus Diversity

Lynne Kiesling

In today’s Chicago Sun-Times, there’s an interesting Nat Hentoff column on campus diversity. His argument basically is that freedom of inquiry and diversity of thought should be considered one of the things for which students pay tuition, and without that freedom of inquiry and diversity of thought, are they really getting good value for money? In reference to a recent controversy in the University of Montana law school, Hentoff asks

In that university enclave of heavily weighted intellectual bias, shouldn’t the students have the right to an exchange of views on the faculty?

Doesn’t their tuition cover their right to have that diversity?

That’s a good question.

One thought on “Nat Hentoff On Campus Diversity

  1. Perhaps the answer to the question lies in whether you believe that students should receive an education or be trained (like seals). If the latter there’s no need for diversity. Just lots of fish.

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