Google Further Enhances My Productivity

Lynne Kiesling

Kevin Brancato is actually the one who has enhanced my productivity by posting on Google’s new tool for searching your hard disk. For people like me who are constantly on the knife’s edge of organization, this is the bee’s knees!

2 thoughts on “Google Further Enhances My Productivity

  1. LK-

    Your hypertext directs the reader to make a comment on ‘Truck & Barter’ rather than Kevin’s post that you mention. You have piqued my interest in this google tool.

  2. I like the tool so for, but I’m having trouble with the “indexing” thing. It doesn’t seem to want to get past about 1800 files (and I know for a fact there are magnitudes more than that). I think it may have something to do with defining when the computer is on “idle”. Should I shut off my screen saver? Change the setting for spinning down the hard drive?

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