68 Year-old String Of Coincidences Comes To End

Michael Giberson

Bush won? That’s odd. The Redskins lost their last home game prior to the presidential election, which since 1936 has been followed by a victory for the non-incumbent’s party. (See REDSKIN HOME GAME ELECTION PREDICTOR)

The TV announcers covering Sunday’s Redskins-Packers game mentioned this tidbit of trivia many times during the game. I know of at least one die hard Redskins fan who was rooting for the Packers as a precautionary measure. My 8-year became convinced that to be a cheesehead was to be pro-Kerry, and was confused by a picture in the next day’s paper of a kid wearing the cheesehead hat and a pro-Bush sign.

Well, it looks like the party is over for the last-Redskins-home-game-as-prognostication coincidence.

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