Patent Reform II

Lynne Kiesling [NOTE: this post is a continuation of the immediately preceding one.] The second Economist article (subscription required) goes into more detail regarding the problems and proposed reforms. First, the article usefully references Innovation and Its Discontents, a new book on patenting by Adam Jaffe and Josh Lerner (two of the most knowledgeable IP … More Patent Reform IIMore Patent Reform II

Patent Reform I

Lynne Kiesling This week’s Economist has a couple of good articles about the need for patent law reform. The first one (subscription required), entitled “Monopolies of the Mind”, starts off with a great quote from Thomas Jefferson: PATENTS, said Thomas Jefferson, should draw ďa line between the things which are worth to the public the … More Patent Reform IMore Patent Reform I

Google Cranks Up My Productivity, Again

Lynne Kiesling All I can say is uff-dah! Google has released Google Scholar, a search engine that searches more specific scholarly sources. For example, I ran this search on “reactive power”, and it turned up a bunch of useful engineering citations that would be more difficult for me to find through my university library. And … More Google Cranks Up My Productivity, AgainMore Google Cranks Up My Productivity, Again

Comment Flakiness

Lynne Kiesling Some funky stuff is happening here, including comments disappearing without my removing them. I have hit the limit of the old MT-Blacklist and it’s pushing me to upgrade to MT 3.2.12, which should happen this evening if I can entice the KP IT support engineer (i.e., the KP Spouse) to spend a Friday … More Comment FlakinessMore Comment Flakiness