The Economics Of Duels

Lynne Kiesling Today Tyler Cowen has an interesting post on duels. At the ISNIE conference in Tucson in September, Doug Allen from Simon Fraser University presented a paper entitled “The Duel of Honor: Screening for Unobservable Social Capital” (co-authored with Clyde Reed). Unfortunately, Doug’s not got it on his website, nor is it available from … More The Economics Of DuelsMore The Economics Of Duels

Red Cross Donations At Amazon: Wowie!

Lynne Kiesling The Amazon American Red Cross donation page just clicked over $4.7 million, and over 77,000 donors. This is fabulous and astounding, a wonderful combination of simple leadership and vision on Amazon’s part, sympathy and beneficence, and the application of technology to harness the best wishes and actions of a highly distributed global population … More Red Cross Donations At Amazon: Wowie!More Red Cross Donations At Amazon: Wowie!


Lynne Kiesling Today’s word from A Word A Day is reprobate, a great word: reprobate (REP-ruh-bayt) adjective Depraved. noun A wicked person. verb tr. To disapprove or condemn. [From Middle English, from Late Latin reprobatus, from reprobare (to disapprove), from re- + probare (to test, approve), from probus (good).] AWAD is also good for the … More ReprobateMore Reprobate

Back From The Holidays

Lynne Kiesling … and sitting at argo tea on Armitage in Chicago, catching up and enjoying a lovely cuppa along with wireless. When we flew into Midway from Baltimore last night I noticed something that I didn’t see on the marquee over the street when we left: between 23 December and 4 January, hourly parking … More Back From The HolidaysMore Back From The Holidays

Wilkinson On Human Nature

Lynne Kiesling I’m working my way through the recent Daedelus issue on human nature, but have not read the Rorty article yet. I wasn’t expecting a strong, persuasive argument. Apparently, according to Will Wilkinson, my expectations are even a little high: Richard Rorty’s paper, “Philosopher-envy” in the new Daedalus issue on human nature is just … More Wilkinson On Human NatureMore Wilkinson On Human Nature

I’d Like To See The Spamalot

Lynne Kiesling For another depressing thought, although in a more lighthearted vein, we did not get tickets to Spamalot, which opened Tuesday night here in Chicago and is due to run through mid-January before heading off to Broadway. Its opening has gotten great reviews. Spamalot, Eric Idle’s new musical “lovingly ripped off” from the cult … More I’d Like To See The SpamalotMore I’d Like To See The Spamalot

No, Really, Putin’s Not An Autocratic Demogogue

Lynne Kiesling The 100% state-owned oil company Rosneft has taken over the company that bought the assets of the beleaguered Yukos, according to this Reuters story and several others. “Rosneft, which is de facto 100 percent state owned, bought Yuganskneftegaz. I think everything was done by market methods,” Putin told a news conference. In his … More No, Really, Putin’s Not An Autocratic DemogogueMore No, Really, Putin’s Not An Autocratic Demogogue

Stephen Karlson’s On To Something

Lynne Kiesling We are still early enough in the proliferation of cell phones that people have not learned and developed judgment and discipline in their public use. I occasionally find this irksome, but struggle to find a way to stop it. Stephen Karlson at Cold Spring Shops has some useful recommendations that he has gathered … More Stephen Karlson’s On To SomethingMore Stephen Karlson’s On To Something

Wine Recommendations For Holiday Entertaining

Lynne Kiesling Christian over at Turn the Screw has a good post describing a dinner part for 20 that he sommelier’ed (if that’s a word!) recently. The wines he chose for each course sound great (as does the food), and are all in the reasonable $13-16 range. I like that he recommended Gruner Veltliner for … More Wine Recommendations For Holiday EntertainingMore Wine Recommendations For Holiday Entertaining

Pagans On The Solstice

Lynne Kiesling So last week in Pittsburgh Mike and I went to dinner at the Church Brew Works, a brewpub in a “decommissioned” Catholic church. Good food, good beer, and good company. In the course of our conversation, I joked to Mike about being a pagan, so he emailed me this morning to ask how … More Pagans On The SolsticeMore Pagans On The Solstice