Clerihew Competition At Arthur’s Seat

Lynne Kiesling

My friend Adam over at Arthur’s Seat has announced the first annual Clerihew competition. Please click through for full details, but the bottom line is a 4-line poem with two rhyming couplets. Entries to be accepted through 20 December.

This will be fun! Diane, you know what you need to do …

3 thoughts on “Clerihew Competition At Arthur’s Seat

  1. Lynne Kiesling
    Once served me a Riesling
    Overcoming with panache
    Her preference for Syrah and Grenache.

    Ooof. Adam, I promise to try harder in the Big Show.

  2. Diane
    Please send this in – the brilliance of rhyming anything with Kiesling will get you high marks from the judges..!!

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