A Little Holiday Knitblogging

Lynne Kiesling I’ve always conceived of and pitched KP as an academic and professional outlet … but woman does not live by economics alone! I have opined before here about why I knit, but I haven’t explicitly “knitblogged”. Seeing as this is a pretty low-key pre-Christmas week, why not? Here’s my most recent finished object, … More A Little Holiday KnitbloggingMore A Little Holiday Knitblogging

A Coda To Mike’s Comments On Smd Or Something Like It

Lynne Kiesling Ever since returning from the CMU conference I’ve been pondering the ideas that Mike discussed in his previous post. Conceptually, there’s a big tension that is at the core of these discussions: does command-and-control centralization to reduce transaction costs work? Here’s the issue, I think. The SMD proposal(s) establish centralized platforms, RTOs, in … More A Coda To Mike’s Comments On Smd Or Something Like ItMore A Coda To Mike’s Comments On Smd Or Something Like It

FERC�s Smd Or Something Like It

Michael Giberson At the Carnegie Mellon transmission and distribution conference last week, there were a lot of disparaging remarks concerning FERC?s standard market design (SMD) push. Some of the critics favor development of ?RTO light? ? perhaps including independent management of the transmission grid, but not necessarily LMP with financial congestion rights, etc. Others advocated … More FERC�s Smd Or Something Like ItMore FERC�s Smd Or Something Like It

Postrel On David Hackett Fischer

Lynne Kiesling Virginia Postrel reviewed David Hackett Fischer’s new book, Liberty and Freedom, in the New York Times on Sunday (registration required). Her review, nuanced and not particularly favorable, whets my appetite to read it. Fischer is apparently focusing on iconography in this book, and exploring the historic distinction between concepts of liberty and freedom … More Postrel On David Hackett FischerMore Postrel On David Hackett Fischer

Geico V. Google Updated

Michael Giberson The judge has thrown out part of the lawsuit that Geico filed against Google. See my earlier post here. See Kevin Brancato at Truck and Barter for an update. … More Geico V. Google Updated

Driving In Traffic

Michael Giberson The latest Review of Network Economics, which focuses on road transport issues, arrived just after the latest family Thanksgiving trip down I-95 in the Eastern United States. Traveling on I-95 prompted me to wonder how I should be driving in traffic so as to minimize the negative externalities I was imposing on everyone … More Driving In TrafficMore Driving In Traffic