Shovelin’ in a Winter Wonderland

Lynne Kiesling

About a foot of snow over the past 30 hours. Here’s how the KP street looked at 7AM after we finished our shoveling:


I used the “landscape” setting on my camera, which doesn’t seem to do too well with focus. But you get the point; it’s gorgeous here!

In making what I thought was a rational calculation to buy the house, I didn’t consider the cost of all of that additional shoveling … but at least I’ve got my workout for the day. But it’s an inframarginal cost; we’d have bought the house anyway!

2 thoughts on “Shovelin’ in a Winter Wonderland

  1. Would it still be “inframarginal” after you start seriously eye-balling those snowblowers at the hardware store?

    I suppose you could recover your snowblower costs if you helped your neighbors around you, depending on their definition of compensation.

    I was born and raised in the Chicago area, and while the snow is pretty to look at, I don’t miss living in that winter wonderland.

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