Running In Les Jardins Du Luxembourg

Lynne Kiesling

After work today I went for a run in the Luxembourg Gardens, which is a convenient two-minute jog from my apartment. The experience was different from the last time I did so, which was several years ago. Now only a few locals look at you strangely when you run, and of the 15 or so people who were running there, only about 3-4 of us were noticeably American.

I will say, though, that the locals did look at me strangely when I did several sets of step intervals up and down the staircase adjacent to the Medici fountain.

The Luxembourg Gardens are incredible; very French in their symmetry, architecture, and landscaping, very beautiful, and catering to a range of interests from walking to sitting to tennis to boules/pétanques. Having the gorgeous Luxembourg Palace there doesn’t hurt either.

I count myself very fortunate at home that my regular run/bike is in a place as beautiful as Lincoln Park, looking over Lake Michigan, but I am extremely fortunate to have this be my regular run for the next three weeks.

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