Back In Paris; More On Chocolate

Lynne Kiesling

Back in Paris after three days in Grenoble working with co-authors Céline and Dean on a very fun experimental project. Grenoble is beautifully situated in a valley between three mountain ranges, and we had a blast. The KP Spouse got to be Nature Boy and do some hiking while we worked, and we had a lot of fun catching up with our friends.

The KP Dad is here now too, for a long weekend. Today I work and send them out on their own on their own recognizance; gives them a good opportunity to work on their French!

In an earlier post on chocolate from Patrick Roger, Coyote from Coyote Blog asks how Patrick Roger compares to Maison du Chocolat in my estimation. Now I’ve refreshed my memory on MdC, and I can say that both are outstanding. But Patrick Roger is not for the faint-of-heart, while Maison du Chocolat has a wider range to appeal to a wider range of tastes. Patrick Roger is almost entirely dark, dark, dark chocolate, sumptous. He has some chocolate-covered hazelnuts that are outstanding.

But if you are not an afficionado of dark chocolate, I would recommend either Maison du Chocolat or Jean-Paul Hévin. Hévin is very popular here, and has worked with a chef whom I appreciate greatly, Joel Robouchon. I have not yet tried Hévin chocolates, but the queue outside the rue Vavin shop on Saturday morning was impressive. Note that the Hévin shop on rue St. Honoré has a tea room, so it might be a good stop for a chocolat chaud in the afternoon.

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