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Lynne Kiesling

Thanks to the guys over at 2 Blowhards for their recent link to my recent energy bill rant.

Since it’s generating readers, here’s more! But not from me. Here’s one from Jonathan Adler over at The Commons, with links to other commentaries. One of his links suggests that the “peak oil” corpses are shaking off their dust and haunting the halls of Congress. Rob McMillin is familiar with this, and buys into it, but he’s the Peak Oil Optimist! Check out in particular this long and thoughtful post on the matter:

For myself — and this blog — I accept the consequences of peak oil production, that is, the cheap stuff’s just about out.

While we’re on oil … the International Energy Agency forecasts demand growing more slowly in US and China, which has led to a slight decline in oil prices for July contracts.

I don’t have a problem with the peak oil argument. I do have a problem with the Chicken Little impersonations that it provokes in the political realm. In reality, what’s important is how we respond and adapt, and that means technology and creativity. All the more reason to move as many important decisions as possible out of the political realm, with the first step being removing deeply-meshed and labyrinthine energy subsidies.

3 thoughts on “More Energy Bill Stuff

  1. I’ve recently started a blog on cities, partly inspired by this and other expert blogs. I also recently wrote a post that generally faults the hyperbolic claims of peak oil writers for not moving the debate any further or faster:

    I’m also seeking more detailed analyses of the energy bill, at least to understand what the industry approach might be:

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Lynne. “Chicken Little” doesn’t begin to describe it; what some are demanding is nothing less than a dictatorship of the proletarian Greens in the name of the environment and/or oil production declines. Unbelievable stuff.

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