Women’s Euro 2005 Football

Lynne Kiesling

So last night I ended up at the main BBC page, and the lead story and picture was of the England women’s soccer team. Right now the Euro 2005 Women’s Championship is going on, with England v. Denmark today (go England!).

This is another great reason to love the Internet. I had no idea. I love soccer. I’ve played soccer most of my life. I can participate at least somewhat in the enthusiasm for the game through the content at the BBC website and others.

The only buzz kill is that ESPN is not televising the game, even though it’s on at noon Central time. What are they showing on the Deuce? 2004 (yes, 2004) World Series of Poker. Grrr. I would like a little a la carte disintermediation right about now …

But still. This is plenitude, and I love it.

3 thoughts on “Women’s Euro 2005 Football

  1. Full coverage is on the Fox Soccer Channel.

    There was a great finish to the England-Finland game – a Finland equalizer followed by an an injury time winner from England’s Karen Carney. It was a peach of a goal, coming from a neat move that Carney started herself. At 17 she’s the youngest player in the tournament, and from what I saw she may be destined to be England’s best player.

  2. I’m listening to it on Five Live. We have been appallingly dilatory in changing our satellite subscription to get Fox Sports World/Fox Soccer/OLN (so we can watch the TdeF).

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