A Beautiful Day In Portland, Oregon

Lynne Kiesling

I am in Portland, Oregon, in advance of a meeting with some colleagues from Bonneville and the Pacific Northwest National Lab on a project (more on that as it develops). This is the fourth time I’ve gotten to come to Portland; every time it’s been for work. I really like it. I spent the afternoon puttering around in the Pearl District, a fun and funky neighborhood with art galleries, shopping, and restaurants and coffehouses. But the thing I like most about the Pearl is the architecture; it’s an old warehouse neighborhood, and lots of the buildings have been converted to lofts, but the exteriors often retain much of the industrial and commercial history.

When I fly to the Pacific Northwest I often jokingly say that I wish the landscape were colored in the same way as a map, so I could idenfity landmarks more easily! I think we flew over Jackson Hole and the Tetons, which were gorgeous. I was on the left side of the plane, so I got the bird’s eye view of Mt. Hood, not the Columbia and north view.

This week is chock full of work and travel, so light posting may be a consequence.