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Lynne Kiesling

I am flying home tomorrow after quite a spate of travel over three weeks. Very tired. And a little exasperated, but that too shall pass.

Here are some cool things to read while we’re distracted here at KP:

Courtney on the Highline, its history, and its impending transformation to a public walkway.

Randall Parker’s post about wind power, including links to cool maps of the viability of wind power in the US.

Fey on the literary life, the struggle to write, and some interesting comments on Ray Bradbury’s writing work style.

Mr. Seat on globalization, Scotland, and Harris Tweed Nikes (if you pick up a pair for me, size 4.5, I’ll pay you back!)

Todd Zywicki on climate change policy

Clothilde’s post on her upcoming New York trip at Chocolate and Zucchini, including the C&Z reader’s guide to NYC

Back on schedule on Friday. TTFN.

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