Tour: Comin’ Up The Hill To Courchevel

Lynne Kiesling

5km to go on a 22km, 6.2 degree climb into Courchevel, and Lance Armstrong is in the lead with three others whom he is likely to be able to sprint out at the finish. A likely stage win today. Voigt is 13′ back, which would give Lance the yellow jersey as well.

This is the first day of the monster mountain climbs.

UPDATE: Valverde barely beats out Armstrong for the stage win, but Armstrong gets the yellow jersey to wear Wednesday.

6 thoughts on “Tour: Comin’ Up The Hill To Courchevel

  1. I may have to stop coming here until after I’ve watched the tape delay in the evening….even though I knew the spoiler was coming, it was like a fine chocolate, I would not stop reading until I’d taken it all in. Tonight I will have to pretend that I do not know what happened.

  2. Really, it is ok. I could have chosen not to read on…

    BTW, it was still damned exciting to watch!! The peleton went over the first Cat 1 with about 90 riders , Discovery put pressure on throughout the flat, and then just amazing watching the guys drop off the back on the way up the final climb.

    I can hardly wait for tonight but won’t have time to watch the full 4-5 hours that they are broadcasting today.

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