Pataki Signs New York Wine Shipment Law

Lynne Kiesling

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned pending legislation in New York to legalize interstate wine shipment. Now the news comes that Governor Pataki has signed the legislation into law.

At least one state has freed the grapes. Thanks to Todd Zywicki for the pointer. See also Dr. Vino on the topic.

One thought on “Pataki Signs New York Wine Shipment Law

  1. Limits on wine sales lifted
    Thursday, July 21, 2005
    Barnet D . Wolf

    Ohioans have been given the go-ahead to buy as much wine as they want directly from out-of-state wineries. U.S. District Judge George Smith approved a settlement ending Ohio’s previous limits on direct wine shipments into the state.
    Ohio had restricted shipments by out-ofstate winemakers to 15 gallons a year, per family, of wine not sold at stores in the state. Out-of-state wine already sold in Ohio stores could not be shipped directly to Ohio consumers. The agreement permits wine buffs to receive any amount of wine as long as Ohio excise and use taxes are paid.
    The excise tax on wine sales ranges from 32 cents per gallon for most wine to $1.50 a gallon for sparkling wine. The use tax is the purchase price multiplied by the county sales tax.
    Wine retailers probably won’t see a notable drop in sales, said Craig Decker, owner of the Wine Guy Wine Shop and Tasting Bar in Pickerington.

    “This is mostly for the unusual, the out-of-the-ordinary wine, not the typically available wine,” he said. “The guy who may buy direct from a winery for some wines still comes to the local wine place, anyway.”

    The cost of shipping wine will keep direct-sales costs similar to retailers’ prices, Decker said. That was echoed by Greg Maurer, executive vice president of Heidelberg Distribution Co.’s Columbus operations.

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