The Illinois Stake In The Energy Bill

Lynne Kiesling

Mary Wisniewski’s Chicago Sun-Times article on the energy bill points out that Illinois farmers and coal owners will benefit from the ethanol and clean-coal provisions of the bill. She also discusses the energy efficiency provisions and tax breaks.

3 thoughts on “The Illinois Stake In The Energy Bill

  1. How did the subsidies for ethanol compare to the tax breaks for oil companies in the energy bill?

    I think the energy market is one of the most distorted markets we have.

    Also, and I know this is a bit of a stretch, but it follows that if you use Iraq as mainly a policy protecting oil reserves (case below) then oil subsidies are much higher (if they aren’t already), thus distorting the market.

    If you don’t think the Iraq War was for oil (or saving Israel) and that it was truly for human rights and stopping terrorism, then ask yourself why we didn’t invade a couple different African nations.

    Many more people are living in relative squalor and a very comparable number have died due to oppressive governments similar to those of Saddam.

    Also, Saddam was not a religious fanatic and more or less hated Osama Bin Laden. There is really no evidence supporting the assertion that ties existed between bin Laden and Saddam. On the other hand, many African nations harbor terrorist training camps and the like.

    Finally, and people scream bloody murder when this assertion is made, but Bush USED TO OWN AN OIL COMPANY, and his vice president was the CEO of HALLIBURTON. I can’t believe that they have slid this by everyone so effortlessly. Am I missing something?

    Anyways, I’m extremely off topic, what I’m truly trying to figure out is whether or not ethanol is something to be hated more than oil kickbacks (and why we aren’t focusing on them)?

  2. Giving a $2000 tax break for purchasers of hybrid cars is pretty slick as well.

    Given that there is a waiting list for most models, one might think that hybrids would sell just fine, even without the tax break.


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