Couple Of Energy Bill News Links

Lynne Kiesling

I’ve got nothing more to say about the energy bill that I haven’t already said, and others have also said it better. It’s big, it’s wasteful, it’s got corporate welfare and farm bill written all over it, it induces people to buy cars that Toyota and Honda can’t keep in stock already because of high demand … and it’s not clear that it will deliver any true value (wealth transfer to rent seekers does not count as value).

But, here are a couple of news summaries, from Environment News Service, the Chicago Sun-Times, and the San Francisco Chronicle.

One thought on “Couple Of Energy Bill News Links

  1. I would be interested in knowing the numbers of our elected representatives who actually earned their salaries by reading the entire energy bill before voting on it. I suspect the number is relatively low. I also doubt that the energy bill is unique in this respect.

    I believe we would all benefit if all of our elected representatives were required to certify that they had read and understood each and every bill in its entirety before voting on it. The result would surely be either less legislation, or far shorter and more easily understandable legislation. Either would be an improvement; both would likely require a miracle. Let us pray.

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