The Porkbusters Idea Gathers Speed

Lynne Kiesling

This morning the Wall Street Journal editorialized about the Porkbusters idea, even going so far as to print the web address at The Truth Laid Bear.

Transparency and accountability. If they refuse to do it themselves, we use highly distributed technology to make them. Beautiful.

2 thoughts on “The Porkbusters Idea Gathers Speed

  1. Where is former Senator William Proxmire with his “Golden Fleece Award” when we need him?

  2. Actually, we only use highly distributed technology to embarrass them.

    Really doing something about cutting spending requires people who know what it’s for, what the negative effects of cutting it are likely to be, and are committed to cutting it anyway. It requires staying power, and while I don’t wish to be negative about the “porkbusters” effort I fear it will turn out to be just a fad.

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