Go Steelers!

Lynne Kiesling

Todd Zywicki beat me to it this morning, so I will only add that I knew this was going to happen, have known it all season … but I’ve known it in the sense that Mike Madison articulated a few days ago:

Steeler fans — and this includes Steeler fans everywhere, even in Denver — are Steeler fans 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, world-wide, win or lose. Steeler fans believe that the Steelers are going to win every game, every season, regardless of the opponent.

Yep, I think that describes my every conscious moment devoted to football since my early childhood.

Right now Tradesports has the contract with the Steelers winning by 3.5 points trading at 51.0-51.5. Very narrow bid-ask spread. I want to know how best to defend against Alexander’s rushing.

Very exciting! This will be the first Super Bowl in a looooong time that I’ll actually go out of my way to watch. Maybe not at the Steelers bar here in Chicago, though, because Joe’s is huge and insane, particularly on Steeler game days. I think I’ll just sport my black and gold at home, and wave my terrible towel in private.


One thought on “Go Steelers!

  1. I’m a 49ers fan, though my second favourite team ever are the Steelers. I watched them playing and they’re incredible this season (like almost they always are… indeed). I think we’re going to see a great superbowl… oh that’s all.
    Just to let you know there are Steelers supporters also in Italy! 🙂


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