Big Feet Pjs

Lynne Kiesling

It’s not exactly “markets for everything,” but it’s a close cousin … cozy pajamas that allow you to run around the house with gay and reckless abandon and still be cozy are a fond childhood memory of most people. In fact, in a former job I had a boss who, when we were presenting a colleague with baby gifts that included Winnie-the-Pooh footie pajamas with a bear hood, said wistfully “I’d like a pair of footie pajamas.” Said gentleman is 6’2″.

Wish wistfully no more! Big Feet PJs offers adult-sized footie pajamas in flannel, cotton knit, fleece, or wool-cashmere. Thanks to Daily Candy for the link. They are reasonably priced; the fleece ones are $44.99.

I love the plenitude of capitalism.

6 thoughts on “Big Feet Pjs

  1. Big footie PJs must come and go with energy prices (relative to other things). My mother-in-law had some big puffy-fabric footies back in the 70s. We called it her “bunny suit” because it really looked as if it should have come with a tail puff and some ears. It may have been the colors; she had one in hot pink and the other in bright yellow. She did find warmth in them, though.

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