Manage Your Cellar

Lynne Kiesling

In the course of reading the Wine Blogging Wednesday entries, I found this great wine cellar site: Manage Your Cellar. It’s kinda like wine inventory spreadsheet meets wiki. You can record your inventory (including when you should drink), your tasting notes when you do drink, and your purchases. You can also see the inventories and tasting notes of other members, but it’s only by mutual agreement, so you have to get your friends to sign up too. A great learning opportunity and example of online community.

One thought on “Manage Your Cellar

  1. So, if my friends sign up for Manage Your Cellar and give me permission to see their info, then I’ll be able to see what they have cellared and when they plan to drink the good stuff.

    Great, I’ll know just when to invite myself over!

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