Super Bowl: One For The Thumb

Lynne Kiesling

Yay Steelers! How satisfying a win; the teams were well-matched, so not a dominating win … but a fun game. Ben throws two interceptions and still wins, Randle El throws a pass for a touchdown, Parker has the longest rushing touchdown in a Super Bowl, and Jerome Bettis goes out in style.

3 thoughts on “Super Bowl: One For The Thumb

  1. I’m not familiar with the phrase “One for the Thumb.” Are you referring to the umpire’s thumb on the scale, tilting the outcome? The ref’s did seem to be all thumbs at times.

    Did I mention that I was pulling for the Seahawks?

    It was good to have a close game for the Super Bowl and not a blowout, and I’m sure it helped keep the ratings up toward the end of the game.

  2. You dog! And I thought we were friends … yeah, some of the calls were a little pedantic and legalistic. The thing I hate the most about football is that it is a litigious sport.

    “One for the thumb” because this is the fifth Super Bowl victory for the Steelers.

  3. I was pulling for your Steelers, ’cause I knew you’d hurt me if I didn’t! Enjoy!

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