FERC Jettisons Legitimate Business Purposes

Michael Giberson An example of federal bureaucracy run amok? No, it is only FERC revamping their anti-market manipulation rules to accomodate changes brought about by the Energy Policy Act of 2005. The old market behavior rules sought to prohibit, among other things, “actions that are without a legitimate business purpose and that are intended to … More FERC Jettisons Legitimate Business PurposesMore FERC Jettisons Legitimate Business Purposes

Why So Quiet?

Lynne Kiesling Yeah, things have been quiet here at KP. I have some cool work stuff to discuss, which I’ll start developing. But otherwise my cool work stuff has been insider pool (for example, learning a computer program that I may use to program experimental environments) that is of little general interest and requires little … More Why So Quiet?More Why So Quiet?

London in Four Dimensions

Lynne Kiesling Courtesy of Londonist, check out the fascinating Digitally Distributed Environments. It’s the blog of Andy Hudson-Smith, from University College London’s Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis. He can take historic information about a city, in this case London, and import it into Google Earth to see how London would look if it still retained … More London in Four DimensionsMore London in Four Dimensions