Bacon is Now a Health Food

Lynne Kiesling

Researchers have used a nematode to clone pigs that produce meat that is high in omega-3 fatty acids (see articles from Wired and the International Herald Tribune, for example). Yay, bacon as a health food!

The Wired article notes how consumer tastes are driving this research:

Hoping to create healthier, cheaper and tastier products that consumers crave, Monsanto of St. Louis and its biotech farming competitors like DuPont are developing omega-3-producing crops that yield healthier cooking oils. Kang said 30 academic laboratories are now working with his omega-3 gene, presumably pursuing similar projects.

Notwithstanding the prissy whingeing of the anti-GM crowd, this is a great example of the power of human creativity and technological change. It doesn’t nullify the saturated fat content of pork, or the effects of consuming that saturated fat. But it does open up the opportunity for people who don’t like oily fish, or can’t easily get access to oily fish, or are worried about mercury content in tuna, to consume healthy fats without having to do flaxseed oil shots (yuck).

How cool is that?

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