Scottish Pubs: Serving Only In Sippy Cups?

Lynne Kiesling

Caught my eye on Friday, but I got distracted: Kerry Howley’s Hit & Run post on pending regulations outlawing the use of glass in Scottish pubs. How ridiculous is that? Making everyone drink out of crappy glasses just because a few morons refuse to control the exercise of their tempers (or their livers, for that matter). Belhaven Wee Heavy (one of the best beers on the planet!) out of a plastic pint glass? My taste buds shudder at the thought. And my soul shudders at the heavy hand of the state working this one.

Of course, one of the amusing comments on the post also occurred to me: when glass pints are outlawed, only outlaws will have glass pints.

Kerry’s reference to the recent Economist article on the proliferation of regulation, red tape and bureaucracy in Scotland also falls in line with Mr. Seat’s comments on Scotland in response to a post of Jonah Goldberg’s at the Corner. Mr. Seat, fresh from an Asian sojourn, offers some heartfelt but guarded optimism about the potential for Scotland to rediscover its small-l-liberal tradition and implement it in modern policy.

Sorry, luv, I’m not holding my breath.

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  1. Is that a case of looking at your plastic pint glass and seeing it half empty?

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