Distracted By Spain-Ukraine

Lynne Kiesling

I am indulging myself this morning and staying home to watch Spain-Ukraine. My thoughts so far:

-12 minutes in, Spain just scored off of a corner from a header by … you guessed it … Xabi Alonso! Yay!

-Sergio Ramas is very visible and active for Spain

-Spain’s using the offside trap to great effect; Ukraine has only had one shot on goal, and very few drives

-That said, Ukraine is playing pretty well in their first World Cup appearance

So far, it is a beautiful game! Pretty clean.

UPDATE: Just as that was publishing Spain scored a second goal, and Ukraine started to look more disorganized.

UPDATE2: The call and red card against Ukraine just after the half was a horrible call.

One thought on “Distracted By Spain-Ukraine

  1. I caught the last 20 minutes or so. Spain has looked about the best of the big names – better than Italy, better than Argentina, better even than the loved and lauded Brazilians looked against Croatia.

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