Economic Experiments in Jackson Hole

Lynne Kiesling

I am in Jackson, Wyoming, attending the Western Conference of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners. This afternoon and tomorrow morning my colleague Bart Wilson and I are running experimental economics workshops for the commissioners and staffers attending.

We got very fortunate yesterday flying in; from the right side of the plane we had a view of the entire Teton range, and the weather was perfect. Jackson is a fun little town; touristy, of course, but still with its own vibe as well.

The KP Spouse and I had dinner last night at the Snake River Brewing Company. Good food, great beer, outstanding people watching.

Now to work …

2 thoughts on “Economic Experiments in Jackson Hole

  1. Did you bring a mountain bike? Aside from having three great (ok, two great, one functional) ski resorts, the area has some amazing biking. If I could find a town less well known but with the same topology and vibe, I’d move and figure out how to make money later. Snake River was pretty much our last ski groups apres-ski place since it was so friendly and the beer was really reasonable. (Well, they might have kicked in a few on the house; tipping very well repeatedly buys some generosity.)

    Now, me, I’m in the basement classroom in some numbered building at MIT discussing complex network modeling, graph theory, and more. Not exactly the Tetons.

    The sadder part? I’m enjoying it immensely.

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