Triathlon Results

Lynne Kiesling Finally, a moment’s rest to provide a triathlon update (thanks for asking, Susan!)! The Subaru Women’s Triathlon in Naperville, Illinois was Sunday. An action shot from my favorite part of the race, the bike: My time was 1:36:59; the splits are Swim 500m 12:58 Trans1 4:06 Bike 22k 45:50 Trans2 3:52 Run 5k … More Triathlon ResultsMore Triathlon Results

Distaste for the Dive

Michael Giberson In Slate, Austin Kelly dissects the dive in soccer. Diving – a player intentionally taking a fall in an effort to cause the referree to call a foul on an opposing player – is often scorned by soccer purists, most often when the diver plays for the other team. Count me as among … More Distaste for the DiveMore Distaste for the Dive

Many Views on Competition in Electric Energy Markets

Michael Giberson As Lynne noted, we have written a comment on the Electric Energy Market Competition Task Force Draft Report to Congress. [ Report PDF. ] About 45 comments have been posted online at FERC, and naturally I am curious as to what other people said. [ Link to comments. ] I thought that I … More Many Views on Competition in Electric Energy MarketsMore Many Views on Competition in Electric Energy Markets