Lessons from Lance

Lynne Kiesling So now we at least know something direct from the horse’s mouth about Lance Armstrong’s use of performance-enhancing drugs before and during his long run of commanding Tour de France performances. In addition to the interview with Oprah Winfrey, this CBS 60 Minutes segment and this Cycling News interview with Armstrong provide fuller … More Lessons from Lance

Why do we ignore women’s sports?

Lynne Kiesling I’ve scheduled this to post while I’m out on one of my long rides … this interesting Outside magazine article explores why women’s sports attract so little attention. The article focuses on cycling: The Giro d’Italia Femminile is the biggest race you’ve never heard of. Covering 961.4 kilometers of Italian countryside over nine days, 127 … More Why do we ignore women’s sports?


Lynne Kiesling Wired has a nice article today on Strava, a really good online training tracking site. I like Strava, and have used it for about a year (in addition to Training Peaks). It has a clean design, good features, and a set of members that includes some pro cyclists who are fun to follow … More Strava

Nutrition experience, research, and orthodoxy, with some economics parallels

Lynne Kiesling Last week was our spring break, and I finally took some time to read Gary Taubes’ 2008 book Good Calories, Bad Calories. Taubes is an investigative science journalist who has been writing for years about the science of nutrition and epidemiology, and the book focuses on a long, careful, detailed narrative about how … More Nutrition experience, research, and orthodoxy, with some economics parallels

Spring weekends in Chicago–athletics and music edition

Lynne Kiesling One of the KP Spouse’s and my best friends has a great quote: “adventure is ordeal retold at a distance”. Today, on a gloriously sunny day, I think I’ve got enough distance from yesterday’s ordeal to think of it as an adventure! Actually, only the first part was an ordeal; the rest was … More Spring weekends in Chicago–athletics and music edition

Speed blogging

Michael Giberson Speed blogging = copying a Zetland trope so I can clear these items off my “to blog” list: Robert Rapier on the Renewable Fuels Association‘s wild efforts to hold onto all possible subsidy and policy advantages that it can grab.  Elsewhere, the Wall Street Journal reports the emergence of a left-right coalition in … More Speed blogging