Welcome Back, Mr. Seat! Have Some Manure

Lynne Kiesling

Please do go over and welcome back Mr. Seat, who has been away for far too long. He offers sympathy to our Indian friends, and links to an Environmental Economics post about generating electricity from cow manure.

One company I know of that does great energy things with manure is Real Energy. As described in this 2004 article,

Real Energy of Yountville, California is investing in a CHP operation on one of the largest dairy farms in Oregon. The company’s Real Energy Clean Tech Fleet Opportunity Fund will provide financing for the digester and CHP equipment for the facility. Real Energy will own and manage the CHP operation, selling the power generated to the grid under a 15-year contract and the compost by-product of anaerobic digestion in the local Salem-Eugene area, according to company CEO Kevin Best. “There are 12 or 13 similar operations right behind it,? said Best. “We hope to install systems at 300-400 dairies over the next few years.?

Most companies interested in installing CHP system work with engineering firms specializing in the design and implementation of CHP. Feasibility studies, sizing analyses, integration with electrical services and existing plant equipment, installation management, interconnection with the grid and sourcing of financing and outside funding are services offered by experienced CHP engineering firms.