The Tubes of the Internets Are Slow Here Today

Lynne Kiesling

So I woke up this morning ready to write about a few things, but our ISP has other ideas. They are having domain-name server problems, and the only computer in the house that doesn’t use DHCP to get its directions is my husband’s, but even that one is running slow.

To put it in terms that Ted Stevens would understand: the thingys that tell the stuff where to go once it gets in the tubes of the Internets are not doing so well for me right now.

If it’s better I’ll come back later; in the interim, I’m doing some fun writing on the evidence that end-use customers will use enabling technology to control their electricity use.

One thought on “The Tubes of the Internets Are Slow Here Today

  1. HaHa, those tube’s really are slow sometimes. Not like a big truck yunno.

    Ted is such a tool.

    – Dustin

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