One Final Set of Landis/Cycling Drug Testing Links Before I Go …

Lynne Kiesling

OK, really, I’m going on vacation … but I cannot tear myself away from the staggeringly histrionic and innumerate train wreck that is the media coverage of Floyd Landis’ high T/E result. Today’s coverage has further reinforced my belief in my comments yesterday that the media are irrationally sensationalist and the UCI announcement of a failed T/E A test before doing the B test was highly unprofessional. Both are bad for the sport, regardless of the choices of the cyclists.

The best media coverage, not surprisingly, is from Bicycling Magazine’s Joe Lindsey. See also USA Today blog posts here and here. Finally, a gene toxicology researcher and cyclist is posting statistically literate and thoughtful commentaries at Free Floyd Landis.

OK, now I’m officially on vacation!

6 thoughts on “One Final Set of Landis/Cycling Drug Testing Links Before I Go …

  1. I feel that those that test positive for drugs that are doing sports should be ban for any future pro sporting activites. That would teach them a lesson

  2. Lynne- if you and the KP Spouse are coming through Montana, please give me a heads up and you are welcome for a barcecue at our house in Helena.

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