California’s Dedication to Efficiency and Conservation, Ii

Michael Giberson

In a follow up to my post earlier in the week, I noticed this headline from the Contra Costa Times, “Utilities fall behind on green goals: State officials admit report showing conservation, use of renewable resources not on track is troublesome.” Not that California state officials aren’t dedicated, but perhaps more than dedication on the part of state officials is required for success.

(Via Energy Central – reg. required).

One thought on “California’s Dedication to Efficiency and Conservation, Ii

  1. First, the CCT needs an energy writer.

    Second, customers do what is in their interests, not the interests of state energy gurus.

    Third, CA has about a 7% conventional capacity reserve margin on peak. If wind generation, for example, approaches the conventional capacity reserve margin (it’s about 5% now), the grid is very likely to become unstable. This past summer, during the CA heat wave, wind availability was less than 10%. Much of the concern this summer was caused by the poor performance of wind generators during the heat wave.

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