CERA Sees Undulating Plateau – Not Oil Peak

Michael Giberson

CERA analyst Peter M. Jackson tackles “peak oil” theories. Jackson said:

Oil is too critical to the global economy to allow fear to replace careful analysis about the very real challenges with delivering liquid fuels to meet the needs of growing economies. This is a very important debate, and as such it deserves a rational and measured discourse.

To serve the goal of rational and measured discourse, CERA has coined the phrase “undulating plateau.” Unlike “peak oil,” undulating plateau is a term that has absolutely zero chance of passing into pop culture or even into the nation’s editorial columns. Say “undulating plateau” in a room, and in a few moments all but a hearty few oil analysts will have fled. Sure, the remaining oil analysts will be able to have a rational and measured discourse, but who will be listening?

Maybe one of you economics-oriented culture-savvy wordsmiths can read the CERA report — Why the Peak Oil Theory Falls Down: Myths, Legends, and the Future of Oil Resources — and turn it into a story that doesn’t put its audience to sleep.

One thought on “CERA Sees Undulating Plateau – Not Oil Peak

  1. Personally, I like the term “Net Energy Decline”. It is a more accurate description anyways.

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