Tri-Shark 2007

Lynne Kiesling

I signed up for my first planned trathlon of 2007 today: Tri Shark Sprint Triathlon, 2 June 2007. Off-season training is going well, although I’ve been a bit lacking in motivation during the past two weeks.

One of the Christmas presents in the KP house was a “killer headwind” attachment to our bike rollers, and that’s made for some more challenging trainer sessions! And one of the strangest things is that I’ve had a discrete jump to a different running plateau; I used to be happy if I could churn out a 3-mile run in 35 minutes, but now my median run is 5.5 miles in 55-60 minutes, just over a 10-minute mile and almost 6 of them in a row! It’s been gratifying to see this improvement in the sport out of the three that’s the most challenging for me.